Pure Awareness and the Ethics of Machine Consciousness

Artificial consciousness could soon emerge - and with it, a potential boom of limitless artificial suffering. Taking new research into the experience of pure awareness in meditation as his starting point, Theoretical Philosophy Professor and member of the EU's AI High Level Expert Group Thomas Metzinger outlines a minimal model explanation of consciousness and formulates his political demand for a moratorium on research aiming at post-biotic experience.

Part 1: Against Synthetic Phenomenology
The hypothetical truly conscious machine has long been the subject of philosophical and popular interest. But as the possibility approaches reality, do we have enough time to properly weigh up all ethical considerations? Metzinger explains the aim of his call for a moratorium, and offers suggestions as to how we might carefully make progress.

Part 2: The Pure Awareness-Experience in Meditation
When lacking any content, the simplest form of consciousness seems to be awareness of awareness itself. Metzinger sketches the concept of "minimal phenomenal experience" and investigates the phenomenal character of awareness itself, before exploring the relevance of new research to the ethical ramifications of artificial self-experience.

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