How to Lose a Country, and How to Save It

The climate is warming, economies are crumbling, and crucially - democracy is faltering. From the UK to Turkey to India, populist movements are slowly gaining power, aided by old tricks and a new media. Award winning Turkish author and journalist Ece Temelkuran delivers a stark warning about the insidiousness of nationalism, and propose a solution through a new conception of humanity and morality.

Part 1: How to Lose a Country
Infantilisation of language, diminishing of nuance, trivialisation of criticisms, an appeal to "real people" - Temelkuran examines the methods that would-be dictators use to erode democracy and gain power.

Part 2: How to Save a Country
Despite a global pandemic, 2020 was characterised by huge protests all around the world, from all sides of the political spectrum; a clear sign that people aren't happy about the world we live in, and no longer trust those in power to change anything. Temelkuran outlines the shifts in thinking necessary to achieve a better world.

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