"I have managed to infuriate the bank bosses; acquire a fatwa from the revolutionary guards of the trades union movement; frighten the 'Daily Telegraph' with a progressive graduate payment; and upset very rich people who are trying to dodge British taxes. I must be doing something right."

Sir Vince Cable is a British politician who previously served as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. Politically active since the 1970s, Vince’s allegiances lay with Labour until the eighties. Considered by the Financial Times as part of a "coalition of anti-capitalists" due to his opposition to foreign takeovers of British companies, Vince has actually written prolifically in favour of globalisation and free trade. His wide-reaching appeal has led even the highly critical and cynical satirist Ian Hislop to say that if he was forced at gunpoint to stand for a party, he would stand for the fictional "Vince Cable for Treasurer Party."

Outside of the political sphere, Vince is a keen dancer, having performed a very respectable foxtrot on Strictly Come Dancing in the 2010 Christmas special. He made his literary debut in 2017 with Open Arms, about the secretive love life of a Tory MP “on business” in Mumbai.

"The most popular politician in Britain." - The Economist

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