“If all goes well, human history is just beginning”

Toby Ord is a philosopher who puts his money where his mouth is. He is the spearhead of both the effective altruism movement and the existential risk space. As part of his altruistic work he founded ‘Giving What We Can’, an international’s organisation who’s members all donate 10% of their total income to good causes, which boasts members such as Sam Harris and Peter Singer.

Toby is a Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University, whose work focuses on the biggest questions facing us. His most recent bestseller The Precipice combines his expertise on risk, catastrophe and morality and serves as an existential guide book to anyone concerned about the impending end of humanity.

Toby is a philosopher committed to putting ideas into action; he has advised the US National Intelligence Council, the UK Prime Minister's Office, and the World Bank on the biggest questions facing humanity.

“Urgent and prophetic” - WIRED

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