"Mind is the craft of applying itself to itself. The history of the mind is therefore quite starkly the history of artificialization."

Reza Negarestani is an Iranian philosopher and writer. Reza's usual output is innovative, challenging philosophy, including his latest work Intelligence and Spirit, an examination of the meaning of intelligence at the intersection of German Idealism, philosophy of mind and research on artificial general intelligence. Reza also writes theory-fiction, a genre he's been credited as pioneering, including Cyclonopedia and the recently released Chronosis, a unique exploration of art, theoretical physics and new philosophical concepts through the comic medium. Reza looks at rationalist universalism, beginning with the evolution of the modern system of knowledge and advancing toward contemporary philosophies of rationalism. He has contributed extensively to journals and anthologies and directs the critical philosophy programme at The New Centre for Research & Practice.

"Reza Negarestani is a hyperstition: a fiction who made himself real." Matt Colquhoun

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