“Authentic happiness derives from raising the bar for yourself, not rating yourself against others.”

Martin Seligman is a hugely influential American psychologist and author. His groundbreaking theories of positive psychology and well-being - especially of ‘learned helplessness’ - have made him one of the most referenced psychologists of the 20th century.

Previously President of the American Psychological Association, Seligman is the Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania's and director of its Positive Psychology Center. He is also the founding editor-in-chief of the journal Prevention and Treatment. Seligman’s many books include Learned Optimism, Authentic Happiness, Flourish and, most recently, The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist's Journey from Helplessness to Optimism.

“One the most complex, ambitious, productive, impactful, and definitely not boring, psychologists of all time.” - The Scientific American

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