"The woke revolution is not about ending oppression. It is about turning the tables of oppression. And it cares not at all about who gets caught in the crossfire."

Evolutionary biologist and professor in exile, Bret Weinstein is known for being audacious, tenacious and voracious. Gaining notoriety in the Evergreen State College Protests for calling out the dangers of wokism on campus, Bret eventually left his post there. A member of the intellectual dark web, Bret was recently called a ‘spicy white’ in a now notorious Clubhouse brawl where he stated his ethnicity as Jewish. His frequent collaborators include Sam Harris, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, and he hosts the chart topping Dark Horse podcast, which gets the voices of the intellectual dark web heard. His latest book, A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century, co-authored with Heather Heying, will be out this September.

"a calm voice of reason amongst all the sound and fury" – the Spectator

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