Hat Sessions

Thinking comes to life in HowTheLightGetsIn May 2021 Hat Sessions.

In our Arc of Life and In Conversation events, the Hat becomes an intimate confessional where the world's leading thinkers recount their life-stories, career paths, and future aspirations.

Finally, our leading thinkers teach you their skills at our  unique How To... workshops. Everything from talking about sex to landing a rover on Mars!

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Tim Harford 2

The Undercover Economist | Tim Harford

Ayaan Hirsy Ali

Arc of Life | Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Jesse Norman Esther Duflo

In Conversation: Esther Duflo and Jesse Norman MP

How to view suffering

How to View Suffering | Martin Seligman and Mandy Seligman

rutger bregman 2

In Conversation with Rutger Bregman