Breathing Life into the Laws of Physics
Fundamental physics has been a great success story. Yet the central phenomenon of our existence - life itself - has been left out and. Join theoretical physicist and astrobiologist, Sara Walker, as she shares insights from the cutting-edge of theory and experiment to see how far we need to go in reshaping our understanding of the world to finally explain life.

Part One: The Universal Laws of Life
Are we overdue an understanding of life that takes seriously the universal laws that underpin it?  Walker explores the exciting paradigm shift in our thinking we may need to finally understand our living existence.

Part Two: The Origin of Life in the Universe
Many scientists focus their life-research on trying to recreate the conditions of how life emerged on Earth. But what if we dream bigger and start theorising a less parochial form of life? Walker paves the way for thinking about how all kinds of life could have emerged throughout the universe.

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