"The budget doesn't F*cking matter"
"We're on the Titanic, I'm the guy that's seen the iceberg. You know what I mean? I'm trying to let people know"

Gary Stevenson is a YouTuber, former financial trader, and firebrand activist against inequality. From humble origins in Ilford, Stevenson has made a name for himself by challenging the old boys' club of finance and beating them at their own game. In 2011 he was Citibank's most profitable trader by banking on increased inequality and growing poverty.

Since leaving the city, Gary has founded the GarysEconomics YouTube channel devoted to explaining economics in plain English. His recent memoir, 'The Trading Game' exposes the rotten core at the heart of the financial industry.

“Stevenson is a sharp observer, with a gift for colourful if merciless description.”—Financial Times

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