"The question of technology is one of the most important questions in all of philosophy because we, as human beings, live with technology and live on its terms."

Babette Babich is a trailblazing philosopher of technology and science. Renowned for her exploration of the philosophy, history, and sociology of science as well as studies of ecology and animal philosophy. Babich is a Professor of Philosophy at Fordham University, New York City.

Her work crosses the analytic-continental divide but she draws heavily on Nietzsche, Heidegger, Adorno, and Illich. She is the director of The Nietzsche Society. Her latest book Günther Anders’ Philosophy of Technology explores the philosophy of isolation. Written amid Covid-19, the study of 'home-working' became more important than ever.
"[Babich] succeeds in penetrating the cloud of suspicion, incomprehension, and distrust that for contemporary readers surrounds Nietzsche's writing" — New Nietzsche Studies

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