Debates at HowTheLightGetsIn London 2023 will challenge the status quo and push forward the boundaries of knowledge.

Exploring the theme Dangers, Desires, and Destiny our speakers interrogate modern moral dilemmas, timeless scientific mysteries and pressing political crises to unpick the dangers the future holds and what we desire to change.

Our carefully curated programme fuses cutting edge debate with an entertaining, accessible format, for a truly mind-expanding experience.

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Rationality in the Dock.dc

Rationality in the Dock

Kathleen Stock, Carol Gilligan, Michael Shermer
A Rule to Live By.dc

A Rule to Live By

Daniel Markovits, Carol Gilligan, Peter Singer (zoom)
Peace in Our Time.dc

In Pursuit of Peace

Richard Wolff, David Omand, Inna Sovsun
AI apocolypse

The AI Apocalypse

Timothy Nguyen, Liv Boeree, Michael Wooldridge
23 06 better.ata

The Economics of Almost Everything

Martin Wolf, Daniel Markovits, Angela Eagle, Madeleine Pennington
The Trouble With Time

The Trouble With Time

Avshalom Elitzur, Michio Kaku, Tim Maudlin, Jimena Canales
Naming and Shaming

Naming and Shaming

Peter Tatchell, Sophie Scott-Brown, Joanna Kavenna
tengyart SQ7aRY43 iU unsplash

Being Good and Being Bad

Hilary Lawson, Kathleen Stock, Hilary Greaves
daniam chou Tl2 3k0ljuU unsplash

Speaking for the Future

Jonathan Sumption, Sophie Howe, Hilary Greaves
impartiality illusion

The Impartiality Illusion

Matthew Goodwin, Philip Colins, Sophie Scott-Brown
re drawing the globall order

Redrawing the Global Order

Bill Browder, Yuan Yang, Sergei Guriev
The Dream of Democracy.dc

The Dream of Democracy

Susan Neiman, Nadhim Zahawi, Philip Collins
politics of desire

The Politics of Desire

Maya Oppenheim, Zoe Strimpel, Jess Carbino
Origin of Life

The Origin of Life

Kate Adamala, Matthew Powner , Eörs Szathmáry
capitalism tech nation state

Capitalism, Big Tech and the Nation State

Zephyr Teachout, Kenneth Cukier, Aaron Bastani
Homes and Hierarchy

Homes and Hierarchy

Kristen Ghodsee, Tom Copley, Liam Halligan, Anna Minton
Fragments and reality

Fragments and Reality

Michael Della Rocca, Tim Maudlin, Kathleen Higgins
Meantl health

Making Sense of Mental Health

Simon Wessely, Praveetha Patalay, Aaron Bastani
living forever

The Reality of Living Forever

Sunetra Gupta, David Gems, Nolen Gertz
In Search of Oneself.dc

In Search of Oneself

Frank Furedi, John Vervaeke, Isabel Millar
Gravity and the Universeresized.dc

Gravity and the Universe

Sabine Hossenfelder, Priya Natarajan, Erik Verlinde
AdobeStock 614762865

Danger, Safety and the Future

Frank Furedi, Paul Dolan, Carol Gilligan
annie spratt biVuafyC8oI unsplash

A Radical Step to Gender Equality

Anders Sandberg, Kristen Ghodsee, Mary Harrington
AdobeStock 607391170

Particles, Physics and Fairy Tales

Sabine Hossenfelder, Gavin Salam, Hilary Lawson
emme kearns M6cxKh S M unsplash

The Mystery of Emergence

Phillip Goff, Hilary Lawson, Suchitra Sebastian
69 creativity and freedom

Creativity and Freedom

Myriam Francois, Jolyon Maugham, Joanna Kavenna
jordon conner VIcTzkzNZR8 unsplash

The Shadow of Spirituality

Michael Shermer, John Vervaeke, Sophie-Grace Chappell
Dostoevsky vs Nietzsche.dc

Dostoevsky vs Nietzsche

Oliver Ready, Janne Teller, Kathleen Higgins