If you have not got any strange settings enabled in your browser, you will be able to access our live events whether you are using Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other browser. But just in case you have settings on that you don’t know about, we recommend that you have more than one browser that you can have as a backup for the browser you usually use in the event of any problem of this sort. So, if you have Internet Explorer, why not download Chrome and Firefox just for the duration of the festival?


For a proper festival experience, please enjoy the festival on browser instead of mobile - the festival site's too spectacular to fit on a smartphone screen!

Vimeo tips

Our events are livestreamed using Vimeo. When you're watching an event, note that you can:

- make an event full screen by clicking the Vimeo icon

- change the video quality by clicking the cog icon


There is no requirement to download Zoom - you can watch all of our debates without Zoom -but we recommend that you download Zoom if possible because it will improve your social festival experience.

If you've not used Zoom before, we recommend having a test call with a friend to make sure your audio and sound work!

To download Zoom and create an account, head to follow the instructions on screen. It only takes a minute!

Get help

If you have any further enquiries, please drop us an email at