Thank you for what was an incredible day of entertainment and intellectual discovery on our virtual reality site, streaming live worldwide.

A huge thank you to our speakers, performers, staff, and our fantastic audience for making our virtual experience unforgettable!

Enjoyed the event? Good news, there's more. We're already well underway with plans for our next festival, returning to Hay-on-Wye 2nd-5th June 2022. Check out the event and line-up of speakers, including legendary biologist Richard Dawkins, comedian and actress Isy Suttie, Nobel-prize winning physicist Roger Penrose, award winning comedian Sally Phillips, firebrand philosopher Slavoj Žižek, trailblazing physicist and author Lisa Randall, and many more yet to be announced.

And the best part? Just like this year's Winter Revel we're streaming the entire festival online for all of you out there dotted around the world who can't make it in-person. There's an option for everyone.

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