“I think that most wealthy people are hoarders, but because they have so much power and influence, it’s not categorised as an extreme mental illness.”

Liara Roux is an American author, sex worker, indie porn director and human rights activist. Roux has written for Vice Media and HuffPost and has gathered a strong online following throughout her career. She is also an activist and community organizer who predominantly champions fighting structural discrimination against sex workers.

Roux's most recent book, Whore of New York: A Confession was published in 2021. Part memoir, part capitalist critique, part defence of sex workers rights (and part ode to the healing power of psychedelic drugs), Whore of New York is a deeply personal look at sex, labour, and power.

"Liara Roux’s debut is a vivid, defiant meditation on sex, labor, and power." - Vogue



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