“It's easier to change what you do than people think it is. If you don't change, your field changes around you.”

Walter Gilbert is biochemist, physicist, businessman, Nobel laureate and artist. An early proponent of sequencing the human genome, Gilbert was awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, alongside Frederick Sanger, for their contributions in determining the base sequences in nucleic acids. He has also been honoured by the National Academy of Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences and the French Academy of Sciences, for his numerous scientific contributions. In the business world, he has co-founded multiple biotech companies, including Biogen and Myriad Genetics. And since retiring from Harvard in 2001, Gilbert has further launched a career in digital photography and now exhibits his creations around the world. His images stress form, texture and colour, as he delights in the search for three-dimensional effects on two-dimensional surfaces.

“Working with digital photography for over a decade, Gilbert, the artist/scientist, approaches his imagery as he would any scientific investigation, exploring and experimenting in a thousand ways before accepting his findings.” - NY Art Beat

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