From fervent socialists to devout Christians, many have sought to live by a strict moral code. Yet from the gulags to the Inquisition it has often been those with the strictest codes who have perpetrated the greatest crimes. Is this just accidental, or is there something about a strict morality than makes hypocrisy unavoidable?

Should we see such terrible outcomes as a sign of the frailty of humans rather than a threat to the moral principles themselves? Or Is it possible that seeking to rigorously and universally enforce any moral code blinds the adherent to the real life consequences? Should we conclude that while a framework of 'good' action is valuable, an attempt to subsume all human behaviour within a strict code of rules is not only impossible, but dangerous?

Turkish journalist Ece Temelkuran, Professor of International Relations at Westminster University David Chandler, and renowned philosopher Julian Baggini debate the importance of morality. Hosted by Myriam Francois.

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