The American Dream, and the Land of the Free are concepts branded into the political consciousness of every child and adult in the US. "Democracy will prevail" proclaimed President Biden at his inauguration. Yet it has never felt less secure. Millions of Trump's supporters still refuse to accept the results of the presidential election and even those on the left have expressed concern at Twitter's decision to remove Trump from its platform.

Are we seeing the indications of the end of liberal democracy as an ideal political goal? Are the travails of America the signs that democracy itself is flawed?  Or will normal service be quickly resumed and the Land of the Free  returned to holding the global moral high ground strengthened through its recent turmoil?  

The BBC's North America correspondent, Jon Sopel, chair of Republican's Oversees, Sarah Elliot and author of Against Democracy Jason Brennan clash over the future of the Land of the Free. Hosted by Isabel Hilton.

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