It was called the Black Death, a disease that started with the spitting of blood and ended in just days with blackened extremities, delirium and death. In the 14th century it swept across Europe wiping out half the population, one of the most lethal killers in human history.

But for more than 660 years the cause of the Black Death has eluded scientists. Now, Evolutionary biologist Hendrik Poinar embarks on an epic journey to solve a 600-year old mystery: unlock the secrets of the fourteenth century killer disease that caused the Black Death and wiped out more than 50 million people. If he succeeds, he’ll gain knowledge that could help us fight deadly infectious diseases today and, potentially, save millions of lives.

Secrets in the Bones: The Hunt for the Black Death Killer follows Poinar’s quest to do something no other scientist in history has ever done ??" crack the genetic code of an ancient killer and change the way we fight infectious diseases today.