Harari, Dawkins, Penrose, Elliott and Žižek lead a programme of more than 300 events across the bank holiday weekend.

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sins of the past visions of the future

Sins of the Past, Visions of the Future

Calvin Robinson, Kehinde Andrews and Myriam Francois
predicting the future

Predicting the Future

Vince Cable, Izabella Kaminska and Juan Castaneda
Future of Freedom

The Future of Freedom

Sarah Garfinkel, Julian Baggini and Peter Godfrey-Smith
The Strangeness of the Universe

The Strangeness of the Universe

Bjorn Ekeberg, Sabine Hossenfelder, and Rupert Sheldrake
The democracy illusion

The Democracy Illusion

Tulip Siddiq, Aaron Bastani and Calvin Robinson
camus vs kafka

Camus vs Kafka

Andrea Elliott, Paul Muldoon and Emma Sulkowicz
21 01 12.Infinity in the palm of your hand

Infinity in the palm of your hand

James Tartaglia, Isy Suttie
the lessons of failure

The Lessons of Failure

Shabnam Nasimi, Ezgi Basaran and Stefan Dercon
the obscure the banal and the magical

The Obscure, The Banal, and the Magical

Frank Turner, Hannah Sullivan, Janne Teller
Moral Facts and Moral Fantasies 3

Moral Facts and Moral Fantasy

Slavoj Zizek, Simon Blackburn and Joanna Kavenna
anonymity the dream and the nightmare

Anonymity: The Dream and the Nightmare

Stephen Kinsella, Victoria Baines and Hugh Tomlinson. Manveen Rana hosts.
beyond the self and non self

Beyond the Self and the Non-Self

Johnjoe McFadden, Ellen Clarke
what the world is made of

What the world is made of

Katie Robertson, Paul Davies, Rupert Sheldrake, Hilary Lawson
necessity and lies

Necessity and Lies

Simon Baron-Cohen, Rebecca Roache and Hilary Lawson
good and evil

The Good and The Evil

Tommy Curry, Rebecca Roache and Massimo Pigliucci
Lost in Language

Lost in Language

Hilary Lawson, Timothy Williamson and Maria Balaska
society 2.0

Society 2.0

Rory Sutherland, Thangam Debbonaire and Nemone Metaxas
the search for certainty

The Search for Certainty

Simon Blackburn, Ruth Chang and Hilary Lawson
world history and the baby boom

World History and The Baby Bust

Thangam Debbonaire, Tim Palmer, and Aveek Bhattacharya
beyond the darkness

Beyond the Darkness

Lisa Randall, Bjorn Ekeberg and Pavel Kroupka
this land is my land

This Land is My Land

Zoe Strimpel, Minna Salami and Rana Mitter
The Web Corporation

The Web Corporation

Tulip Siddiq, Luke Johnson, and Ben Tarnoff
Getting Everything

Getting Everything, Losing Everything

Massimo Pigliucci, Anders Sandberg and Mazviita Chirimuuta
truth prejudice and the university 2

Truth, Prejudice and the University

Aaron Bastani, Tommy Curry, Kathleen Stock
Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming Trauma

Ian Parker, Sarah Garfinkel and Joanna Kavenna
china and the art of peace

China and the Art of Peace

Nigel Inkster, Cindy Yu and Chris Parry
the ignorance of experts

The Ignorance of Experts

Julian Baggini, Ellen Clarke and Ben Burgis
overcoming tribal division

Overcoming Tribal Division

Paul Dolan, Ella Whelan, and Myriam Francois
Love is a Drug

Love and Other Drugs

Anders Sandberg, Ella Whelan, Keith Ward
In Search of a Cleaner World

In Search of a Cleaner World

Chris Huhne
life death and money2

Life, Death, and Money

David Healey, Linda Bauld, Susan Michie
desire and being desired

Desire and Being Desired

Catherine Hakim, Katherine Angel, and Peter Tatchell
the weaker

The Weaker Sex?

Mary-Ann Sieghart, Minna Salami, Zoe Strimpel