Solo Talks

Delve deeper into the views and theories of your favourite speakers in intimate solo talks at HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2023.

Hear radical scientists, insightful authors and big-thinking philosophers explore their particular areas of expertise, from Slavoj Žižek on the philosophy of happiness to Linda Yueh on the secrets of the global economy. From the future of the internet to the nature of our existence, these talks are an incredible window into thought-leading minds.

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The Life and Philosophy of Slavoj Zizek.dc

The Life & Philosophy of Žižek

Slavoj Žižek
The Future of Physics.dc

The Future of Physics

Suchitra Sebastian, Neil Turok
A Universe of Possibility.dc

A Universe of Possibility

George Ellis
China and India The Future of the Next Century.dc

China and India: The Future of the Next Century

Cindy Yu, Shashi Tharoor
The Chemicals That Create Consciousness.dc

The Chemicals That Create Consciousness

Nick Lane
Why The Rational Believe The Irrational.dc

Why the Rational Believe the Irrational

Michael Shermer
How Oceans Shaped Our World.dc

How Oceans Shaped the World

Helen Czerski
Stories of Reality.dc

Stories of Reality

Sunetra Gupta
The Mystery of Time.dc

The Mystery of Time

Gary Lachman
When Markets Fail.dc

When The Market Fails

Linda Yueh
The Moral Failing of our Time.dc

The Moral Failing of our Time

Peter Egan
Saving Happiness.dc

Surplus Happiness

Slavoj Žižek
The Man Who Gave Hope to Indias Dispossesed.dc

The Man Who Gave Hope to India's Dispossessed

Shashi Tharoor
When Myths Become Reality.dc

When Myth Becomes Reality

Janne Teller
The Quest for Freedom.dc

The Quest For Freedom

Katarina Schwarz
Saving Nature and the Economy.dc

Saving Nature and the Economy

Guy Standing
Mental Health Reimagined.dc

Mental Health Re-Imagined

Mark Salter
Anarchism Reimagined.dc

Anarchism Re-Imagined

Sophie Scott-Brown
Philosophy of the Senses.dc

Philosophy of the Senses

Barry Smith