HowTheLightGetsIn's debate challenge the status quo and disrupts the accepted narrative. We provide a space for ideas of every type to come togther, featuring world-leading speakers pushing their disciplines forward. The conversations we facilitate shape the intellectual landscape, so it's only natural to host them against the beautiful backdrop of Hay-on-Wye. Hear eminent thinkers in every field engage one another in cutting-edge debates in a uniquely accessible format.

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22 01 11.The future of freedom

The Future of Freedom

21 01 12.beyond the self

Beyond the Self and the Non-Self

21 01 12.The strangeness of the universe

The Strangeness of the Universe

21 01 12.Moral facts and moral fantasy

Moral Facts and Moral Fantasy

22 11 11.The Good and The Evil

The Good and The Evil

22 01 11.Necessity and lies

Necessity and Lies

22 11 11.Lost in Language 2

Lost in Language

22 01 11.Getting Everything Losing Everything

Getting Everything, Losing Everything

22 11 11.The Search for Certainty

The Search for Certainty

21 01 12.The Mystery of the Multiverse

The Mystery of the Multiverse

22 11 11.Beyond the darkness

Beyond the Darkness

22 11 11.The Gene Machine

The Gene Machine

21 01 11.The web corporation

The Web Corporation

22 01 11.Nature

Nature: Friend or Foe?

22 11 11.Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming Trauma

21 01 12.the lessons of failure

The Lessons of Failure

21 01 12.Society 2.0

Society 2.0

21 01 12.predicting the future

Predicting the Future

21 01 12.the democracy illusion

The Democracy Illusion

21 01 12.sinsofthepast.visionsofthefuture

Sins of the Past, Visions of the Future

21 01 12.Infinity in the palm of your hand

Infinity in the palm of your hand

21 01 12.kafka

Camus vs Kafka

21 01 12.obscure banal magical

The Obscure, The Banal, and the Magical

21 01 history and the baby bust

World History and The Baby Bust

22 11 11.Anonymity

Anonymity: The Dream and the Nightmare