Debate is the beating heart of HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2023. From Nobel Laureates to Pulitzer Prize winners, HowTheLightGetsIn is home to world-leading thinkers pushing their disciplines forward.

Get a taste of our debates for this year's festival below and stay tuned for many more to come. View the first set of speakers here.

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Maverick philosopher Slavoj Žižek, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, celebrated Yale philosopher Tamar Gendler and revolutionary primatologist Richard Wrangham debate whether it's time to say goodbye to good and evil.

Trailblazing Harvard physicist Lisa Randall, radical philosopher Martin Cohen and game-changing theoretical physicist Neil Turok clash on cosmic anthropocentrism. Are our scientific stories of the universe bound to be biased towards the human perspective?

Former Defence Secretary Malcom Rifkind and leading Modi critic Shashi Tharoor discuss the West's role in a changing world. Are countries such as Russia, China and India forming a new world order that won't conform to Western values?

Philosophy at War.dc

Philosophy at War

Daniel Dennett
Imagining the Universe.dc

Imagining the Universe

Roger Penrose, Iain McGilchrist, Esther Freud
Evolution trap

The Evolution Trap

The Morality of Sex.dc

The Morality of Sex

jason leung jCBzW Q UGI unsplash

Diplomacy, Deception and Disaster

javier martinez hUD0PUczwJQ unsplash

The Game of Life