As night begins to fall at HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2023, our venues turn from hubs of intellectual activity into arenas abuzz with the UK's hottest comedy acts.

From stand-up royalty to rib-tickling rising stars, our hand-picked line-up will have it all. Get ready to laugh yourself silly this spring!

 Tier 3 Tickets available now!

Esther Manito Hay 23 Previous

Esther Manito

Erika Ehler

Erika Ehler

Hannah Platt Hay 23

Hannah Platt

Tom Ward Hay 23

Tom Ward

jordan brookes hay 23

Jordan Brookes

Tadiwa Mahlunge

Tadiwa Mahlunge

Ben PopeNEW

Ben Pope

Priya Hall Hay 23

Priya Hall