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Tomorrow's World

Sun 20 September
Venue: Arena
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Debates & Talks

Tomorrow's World

Silkie Carlo, Priyadarshini Karve, Anders Sandberg. Aman Sethi hosts.

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In the mid twentieth century, from the model T Ford to the moon landings, from nylons and electric guitars to moving pictures and television, technology seemed to offer a faster, more exciting world providing us with a better life. But now, from resources to climate change, robots to internet distraction, tomorrow's technological world seems to many as much a threat as a solution.

Might technology be making us less happy, less fulfilled and less motivated? Should we be more sceptical of its value and seek instead to curtail its excesses? Or does technology remain a miracle of human inventiveness that used well is a constant source of potential and progress?

Outspoken Oxford transhumanist Anders Sandberg, inventor of groundbreaking green technology Priyadarshini Karve and Director of Big Brother Watch Silkie Carlo get to grips with the potential of technology. Aman Sethi, editor in chief of HuffPost India, hosts.

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