The Rise and Fall of Globalisation

Sat 23 May
2:15pm BST
Venue: Arena
Event [42]


The Rise and Fall of Globalisation

Grace Blakeley, Vince Cable, Mark Littlewood. Phil Collins hosts.

We have traded goods across continents for centuries, in some cases for thousands of years, but it was only in the 20th Century that globalisation came of age, with most primary goods being sourced internationally. Now there is increasing challenge to this phenomenon from across the political spectrum, and localism is the word on the lips of Brexiteers, Greens and the Left alike.

Should we urgently pursue localism as a necessary response to inequality, excess, and a crisis of resources? Or is globalisation a positive force enriching our experience, and localism conservative and backward looking promising nothing but scarcity, higher prices, and radically lower living standards?


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