HowTheLightGetsIn 2020

Addiction, Health and Technology

Sun 20 September
Venue: International
Event [115]

Debates & Talks

Addiction, Health and Technology

Silkie Carlo, Bernadka Dubicka, David Pearce. Sean Curran hosts.

London Event

The tech giants are the global monopolies of our time, dwarfing other companies. As a result, many are calling for their break up. But now it seems it is not just their power and influence that should concern us. There is growing evidence that phones and social media are bad for our health. A host of new studies show social media use causes mental ill health, and is more addictive than cigarettes.

Should we conclude that the tech giants have made us clinically addicted to their products, and act to stop this just as we ban smoking? Can we overcome our obsessive behaviour and improve our health without outside help? Or are the studies misleading and we just need to relax and enjoy something we like using so much?

Royal College of Psychiatrists Member Bernadka Dubicka, co-founder of Big Brother Watch Silkie Carlo and co-founder of Humanity+ David Pearce plug into the dangerous and addictive qualities of tech.

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