University Partnerships
The Institute of Art & Ideas’ biannual festival of big ideas, HowTheLightGetsIn, takes place every year in both London and Hay-on-Wye. Each year, we programme hundreds of cutting-edge debates between world-leading intellectuals - rethinking the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time across science, politics, philosophy and the arts.

We work with universities in a number of ways including the opportunity to partner with us in developing content that we publish across our platforms.

We offer university academics various ways to achieve public engagement, showcase research and increase profile through participation in our platforms, including HowTheLightGetsIn festivals. These include:

-    Festival solo talks which enable your academics to tell a story or present a vision for the future.
-    Festival debates which allow for constructive and critical dialogue between competing views.
-    Video interviews conducted by our journalists get into the important details of your new research.
-    Online articles which give academics the opportunity to respond to current affairs in their capacity as experts or present new findings.

In addition to the above formats, which are published to millions across the Institute of Ideas (IAI) media network, we are able to create custom long-form projects, including original podcast series and IAI Academy courses.

Partners also benefit from discounted Group Subscription so your students can access IAI's unique Library of 3000+ videos and articles.
IAI Reach:
-    7.2 million monthly online reach
-    30,000 annual event footfall
-    3000 + talks and debates online
Cost: University Partnerships start from £9,900.      


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