HowTheLightGetsIn 2020

The World's Leading Festival of Ideas and Music returns after a sell-out online debut in May.

Events until 11.30am (GMT) are programmed by our Delhi team; events during the day until 7pm (GMT) by our London team; and until close of play by New York.

We have just released our programme of Debates and Talks. Music, Hat Sessions, Inner Circle Events, Comedy, Academy Courses, and DJs and parties are all to come!

Festival Tickets

Festival Tickets provide access to all events in our main programme including Debates, Talks, Music DJs, Performance, Comedy, Art, Dokbox documentaries, and IAI Academy Courses throughout the weekend.

Please note: Festival Tickets do not provide access to Inner Circle and Salon events, which must be booked separately.

Children's Programme

Our Children and Young Adult's Programme includes talks, interactive sessions and learning experiences to pique the curiosity of younger minds - from under 12s all the way up to young adults.
Explore all these options in more detail below...

Inner Circle

As the greatest minds of our time gather for a drink and a meal, take your seat alongside them for a truly unique experience. Converse with Nobel laureates, challenge the shadow cabinet and explore the universe with particle physicists. Be part of the company, not merely an observer. You might not get another chance.

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A Truly Unique Offering

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