Appearing in: The Seduction of Thought, The Big Picture and Philosophy Salon

'I am interested in the details - the small moments that make up the every-day and which often have a larger echo.'

Miranda Keeling is a writer, actor, film-maker and winner of the BBC’s Norman Beaton Radio Drama award. She writes plays, screenplays, short stories, articles and poems. She is the author of The Year I stopped to Notice' which was inspired by her popular Twitter account. Her writing-style is all about elevating the ordinary - stopping to notice surroundings and weave what she sees into stories that are by turns - tiny, vast, surreal, magical, poignant and familiar.

'This book is a delight ... the world is full of little surprises, momentary little fountains of pleasure and beauty, that could be visible to all of us if we learned to stop and notice as Miranda Keeling does.' - Philip Pullman

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