Appearing in: Cities of the Future

Prof Lucelia Rodrigues is one of the world’s foremost experts on sustainability. A specialist in the resilience of communities and buildings in a changing climate, she has been involved in several major sustainability projects focused on energy, carbon management and comfort in countries such as China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Appearing in partnership with University of Nottingham, where she is Chair of Sustainable and Resilient Cities in the Faculty of Engineering, Lucelia has worked acros the globe and brings a wealth of experience to her role. Here, she also serves as the Deputy Director of the Energy Institute, and as part of a number of advisory boards supporting cities in their journey to carbon neutrality. In addition to this, Lucelia holds the position of director of the ‘Transport, Mobility & Cities @ Nottingham' initiative and leads the ‘MArch in Architecture & Sustainable Design’ programme.

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