Appearing in: The Betrayal of Beauty and Philosophy Salon

'The search is on to find the real art of our times, and among it all will be some works of art that resonate with greatness by revealing what it feels like to be fully alive today.'

Julian Spalding is an English art critic, writer, broadcaster and a former curator. Considered to be a controversial maverick and outspoken critic of the art world, Julian isn’t afraid to voice his true feelings towards to likes of Damian Hirst and Tracy Emin.

Julian is a prolific writer, having written numerous successful books including The Eclipse of Art, Con Art: Why You Ought to Sell Your Damien Hirsts While You Can and The Art of Wonder, the latter of which earned him the Banister Fletcher Prize in 2006. In addition to his writing, Julian frequently contributes to arts, news and current affairs programmes on radio and TV.

'Spalding…makes interesting points and deserves to be widely read'- The Spectator