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The Key to Consciousness final

The Key to Consciousness

Donald Hoffman, Hannah Critchlow and Sam Coleman debate consciousness
London 2022 Debate 8 The Fantasies of the West

The Fantasies of the West

Peter Hitchens clashes with Paul Mason and Bronwen Maddox on the West's future
The Good the bad and the ignored final

The Good, the Bad and the Ignored

Peter Singer, Tamar Gendler and Julian Baggini lock horns over moral agency
London 2022 Debate 11 After Happily Ever After

After Happily Ever After

Sophie Fiennes, David Hare, Janne Teller
The Theory to End All Theories.dc

The Theory To End All Theories

Hilary Lawson, Becky Parker, Peter Woit
A World By Any Other Name.dc

A World By Any Other Name

Arif Ahmed, Ruth Kempson, Hilary Lawson
Seeking Solitude.and

Being Ourselves and Being With Others

Sophie Ward, Janne Teller
The Code to the Cosmos.dc

The Code to the Cosmos

Marika Taylor, Arif Ahmed, Peter Woit
A Better Tomorrow.and

A Better Tomorrow

Thangam Debbonaire, Shaun Bailey, Michael Bociurkiw
London 2022 Debate 1 The Passion of Reason

The Passion of Reason

Julian Baggini, Tommy Curry, Tamar Gendler
London 2022 Debate 3 The New Renaissance

The New Renaissance

David Aaronovitch, John Ellis, Sophie Scott-Brown
London 2022 Debate 4 Beyond Experiment

Beyond Experiment

Harry Cliff, Tim Maudlin, Marika Taylor
London 2022 Debate 5 Cosmology and the Big Bust

Cosmology and the Big Bust

Julian Barbour, Eric Lerner, Claudia Maraston
London 2022 Debate 6 The Medicine Myth

The Medicine Myth

Denis Noble, Guy Brown, Nessa Carey
London 2022 Debate 7 Being Safe and Being Free

Beyond Mad or Bad

Sara Evans-Lacko, Stefan Priebe, Simon Wessely
London 2022 Debate 10 The Betrayal of Beauty

The Betrayal of Beauty

Sophie Fiennes, Barry C Smith, Julian Spalding
The Equality Myth

The Equality Myth

Thangam Debbonaire, Laurie Penny, Louise Perry
New Politics and Old Threats

New Politics and Old Threats

Zoe Strimpel, Tommy Curry, Michael Bociurkiw, Kenneth Cukier
22 06 30.The Wealth Paradox.ata

The Wealth Paradox

Guy Standing, Louise Cooper, Kristian Niemietz
22 06 30The Happiness Delusion.ata

The Happiness Delusion

Aaron Bastani, Paul Dolan, Joanna Kavenna
22 06 30.Forbidden Fruit.ata

Forbidden Fruit

Myriam Francois, Maya Oppenheim, Louise Perry, Zoe Strimpel
Escaping Thought

The Seduction of Thought

Miranda Keeling, Steve Taylor, Andy West
Trading with the Enemy

Trading with the Enemy

Andrew Adonis, Shaun Bailey, Louise Cooper
The Dream of Progress

The Dream of Progress

Kenneth Cukier, Caitjan Gainty, Nolen Gertz

Truth, Delusion and Psychedelic Reality

Julian Baggini, James Rucker, Eileen Hall

Living Forever

Anders Sandberg, Anna Kent, Henry Marsh
Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

Stephanie Hare, Paul Mason, Freddie Sayers
The Fantasy of Fame

The Fantasy of Fame

Stefan Simanowitz, Will Storr, Polly Vernon
The accurate the perfect and the dangerous.and

The Accurate, the Perfect and the Dangerous

Stephanie Hare, Michael Parker, Anders Sandberg

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