"I think the characterisation of engineering and maths as "manly" is total nonsense and a social construction."

Rosalyn Moran is a Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Deputy Director of the King's Institute for Artificial Intelligence at King's College London. Her work charts a revolutionary new approach to training AI's instead of traditional large language models. Instead Rosalyn's work starts with how our brains respond to stimuli and works backwards to design AI's capable of genuine self-understanding and novel problem solving. In tests, her AI was even able to defeat a traditional AI at Doom.

Alongside her academic career, Rosalyn is the director of a new AI Start-up called Stanhope AI, editor of the NeuroImage and NeuroImage: Clinical journals, and was formerly a senior lecturer at Bristol University.

"Fast paced, erudite, amusing and highly informative." Anil Seth, bestelling author of Being You


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