"Democracy is not simply a question of structures. It is a state of mind. It is an activity."

An award winning writer, chart-topping broadcaster, and once major politician, Rory Stewart is one of the leading political figures of his generation. His career began as a diplomat in Indonesia and Montenegro before becoming the deputy governor of the Maysan province in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. He authored an award-winning memoir of his time in Central Asia.

He later became a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and afterwards a fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. He was then elected to be an MP and served as Secretary of State for International Development. Following his withdrawal from front line politics, Rory launched The Rest is Politics podcast with Alastair Campbell, which is regularly the top political podcast in the UK.

"He’s been an author, a diplomat, a soldier, a cabinet minister – and still dreams of changing the world." The Guardian

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