"Don't mistake the fact that you don't like my view as an argument against it."

Michael Della Rocca is one of the world's leading authorities on Spinoza and an expert in early modern philosophy, rationalism, and contemporary metaphysics. He is Sterling Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, which is awarded to a tenured faculty member considered one of the best in his or her field and is Yale University’s highest faculty honour.

Della Rocca’s most recent book, The Parmenidean Ascent, has been praised by scholars as issuing a deep challenge to the overly restrictive ways in which philosophical debates often take place. The book  argues for a radical picture of reality. According to Della Rocca's radical view, the ideas of relations, distinctions and differentiation are all incoherent.

"One of the greatest living scholars of early modern philosophy." Tamar Gendler

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