"Those who claim to be the most liberal and open of all are actually the first to try and shut down those who challenge this new consensus."

Matthew Goodwin is an academic, bestselling author, pollster, and firebrand political philosopher, challenging the new elite. He is a Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and has contributed to research with Chatham House, the Leverhulme Trust and the UK Home Office. His most recent work, Values, Voice and Virtue, is a Sunday Times bestseller.

Goodwin's research is at the forefront of understanding populism. His insights have seen him win the Richard Rose Prize, an award given to a single scholar for their contribution to politics; and he has been awarded the Political Studies Association Communicator Prize for explaining politics to general audiences.

"[Matthew] seeks to marry his past themes into a single missile laser-targeted at a careless, feckless ruling elite." The Times

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