"If humanity’s saga were a novel, we would be on the very first page."

Hilary Greaves is a groundbreaking professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford and director of the Global Priorities Institute. A modern-day polymath, Hilary's academic work has chartered new territories at the intersection of philosophy, mathematics, and physics.

Now a trailblazer in the field of effective altruism, Hilary has redefined how we approach making a positive impact on the world. In 2022, Hilarywas included in Vox's 'Future Perfect 50', which listed the most groundbreaking scientists, thinkers, scholars, writers and activists building a more perfect future. Her innovative approaches to prioritising and measuring the effectiveness of charitable efforts have inspired a movement that's changing lives and transforming communities on a global scale.

"Hilary Greaves is the world’s leading philosopher of the long-term future." Vox

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