Güneş Taylor is an award-winning geneticist and pioneer of public engagement in her field. She is a training fellow at the Francis Crick Institute, where her research predominantly focuses on the genetic formation of ovaries and testes. Both "an incredible science communicator" and scientist herself, she has become a distinguished HowtheLightGetsIn host, sharing the stage with Slavoj Zizek, Richard Dawkins, Yuval Noah Harari, and more.

Güneş has debated the implications of genome editing on The Guardian's podcast Science Weekly, the UK's longest-running science podcast, with the episode doing "exceptionally well" according to Guardian producer Max Sanderson. In 2018, Güneş was awarded the Crick Public Engagement Prize for her efforts in the public communication of science.

"Güneş has performed a significant service to disseminating the work within her field." Anastasia de Waal  

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