"From the intricacies of organic chemistry to the profound questions of life's emergence."

Addy Pross is Professor Emeritus at Ben Gurion University. His keen interest in theoretical organic chemistry, chemical reactivity, systems chemistry, and the very origin of life have set him apart in his field. Pross has dedicated himself to bridging the divide between the physical and biological worlds, advocating for a theory of evolution articulated in physical-chemical terms.

He has served as a Visiting Professor at NYU Shanghai, Rutgers University, Stanford University, and Auckland University, to name a few. With a commitment to knowledge dissemination, Pross has authored 120 papers and reviews, and penned two significant books: Theoretical and Physical Principles of Organic Reactivity, and the influential What is Life: How Chemistry Becomes Biology.

"Pross's growing sense of excitement is palpable in his lucid, thoughtful, and accessible exploration of the very foundations of that most exquisite and extraordinary property of matter, life." Peter Atkins