The West has become accustomed to economic supremacy. Its dominance though is not only in decline but some maintain it is already over. This year the BRICS economies, of Brazil, Russia, India, China and S.Africa, has overtaken the GDP of the Western economies, the G7, and is set to account for half the world by 2030. In addition the BRICS are cementing ties, coordinating policy and have formal annual meetings.  None sanctioned Russia over Ukraine and instead increased trade. In addition they have formed the New Development Bank which some argue will undermine the dollar and the global economy.   

Is there a danger that the strength of the BRICS will redraw the global order and herald a new era of power block conflict? Or is the end of US supremacy an opportunity for a fairer distribution of the world's resources and potential for us to trade with rapidly growing economies? Then again, is the new world order overdone and the challenge of the BRICS just what is needed for the West to rediscover belief in its values and culture?

Financier and activist Bill Browder, FT Europe-China correspondent Yuan Yang and economist Sergei Guriev delve into the implications for the world as the BRICS economies rise to prominence. Sasha Polakow-Suransky hosts.

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