Rationality has often been cited as a key factor in the uncovery truth.  But today, in a world of competing and often radically incompatible perspectives, reason has been called into question and rationality seen as a rhetorical strategy to defend outdated views.  Yet this runs the risk that there is no agreed way to test assertions.  Hardly surprising perhaps that 60% of Britons now believe in conspiracy theories and some claim social cohesion itself is being undermined.   

Should we give up the idea that rationality helps uncover the truth?  Or must we double down on reason to follow through the consequences of competing perspectives?  Is reason nothing more than a pretence of objectivity,  masquerading as value-free when it is in fact embedded in a given outlook?   Or is rationality the primary and vital means to escape subjective chaos?

Psychologist Carol Gilligan, leading sceptic Michael Shermer and outspoken philosopher of language Kathleen Stock delve into rationality and its role in our understanding of truth and objectivity. Myriam François hosts.

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