We assume the way to respond to the mental health crisis is better treatment and medical care.  Research though suggests mental health is frequently due to social and political issues.  Young women are 26% more likely to experience a mental health difficulty than their male counterparts, LGBTIQ+ people three times more likely than straight people, and Black British people 30% more than White British people.

Do we need to accept the limitations of prescription drugs and therapy and see mental health as a social and political issue?  More radically, is it a mistake to describe some behaviours as mental ill health in the first place, when they might more properly be seen as a product of social inequality?  Or should we see drug and therapy treatments as having made major strides in improving the life of millions with huge potential to make further progress?   

Mental health professor at UCL Praveetha Patalay, psychiatrist Simon Wessely, and left-wing commentator Aaron Bastani discuss society, the individual and mental health. Barry Smith hosts.

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