For three generations, despite localised and sometimes extensive conflict, the world as a whole has avoided global war and maintained a remarkable peace. But the horizon is darkening rapidly.  War in Europe, for decades unthinkable, shows no sign of ending and has the potential to escalate.  While China/US relations deteriorate with Xi Jinping instructing his generals to 'dare to fight', strengthen their military in 'preparation for war' and not 'renounce the use of force' over Taiwan. Across the globe a new arms race is underway and military expenditure at an all time high as a host of nations ramp up  defence spending.

With so much at stake how is peace to be obtained?  Should we see military expenditure as the best means to avoid war, or does it heighten tension and risk catastrophe?   Some would argue the nuclear deterrent has been the reason for our extended period of peace, but have we as a result become complacent and imagined that peace will be maintained when in practice it is being dangerously undermined?  

Ukrainian politician Inna Sovsun, one of Britain's most senior ex-intelligence officers David Omand, and economist and professor Richard Wolff grapple with the challenges of maintaining global peace amidst a new arms race. Hilary Lawson hosts.

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