We all know the story of Newton framing his theory of gravity as a result of watching an apple fall from a tree.  But 350 years on we still don't understand this seemingly simple force.  Current theories cannot apply both at the small scale of atomic particles and at the giant scale of galaxies, on the scale of quantum mechanics and on the scale of general relativity.  Without a solution the mystery of gravity threatens to undermine any overall account of the universe.   

Is the fault with Einstein's theory of general relativity, or with our understanding of quantum mechanics?  Do we need an entirely different account of gravity altogether, or perhaps remove gravity from our explanations altogether?  Or should we just accept that a single holistic account of the universe is not possible and see our theories as limited to a given frame and reference?  

Astrophysicist and Yale Professor, Priya Natarajan, cutting edge string theorist Erik Verlinde, and scientist and YouTube star Sabine Hossenfelder, delve into the intricate mysteries of gravity and its role in our understanding of the universe. Bjørn Ekeberg hosts.

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