We all know Big Tech is hugely influential.  But the scale of its reach is not always appreciated.   The largest of the Big Tech firms, Apple, has a valuation equivalent to the GDP of the UK.  Along with the other four Big Tech corporations, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, they have a value greater than the GDP of the UK, France and Italy combined.  Critics argue capitalism always tends to monopoly and the internet has turbocharged this phenomenon creating unprecedently powerful organisations that manipulate our lives and opinions as well as our buying habits.

Can we break up Big Tech, or like China do we need to build our own national internet companies to retain some control?   Or is it too late and the financial power of Big Tech already sufficient to buy political influence, media comment, and up and coming competitors?  Or is the scale of Big Tech a sign that the power of the nation state is no longer as great as the power of capital?   

'Break 'Em Up' author Zephyr Teachout, tech journalist Kenneth Cukier and automated luxury communism defender Aaron Bastani debate the overarching power of Big Tech.