Josh Weller is a man of many talents. From an internationally renowned musician, to podcast host, comic book author and mockumentary producer, it's no wonder Josh's stand-up landed him pro-bills after one year on the circuit. With his self-deprecating humour, high energy, and willingness to exploit his self-proclaimed failure of a music career for laughs, Josh has gone from strength to strength. Alongside comedy, he produced 'The U2 Taken Paradox' which was viewed millions of times, much to the chagrin of Bono fans, has authored the graphic novel 'Die Already', written for Spitting Image and presented the Dirty Air Formula 1 podcast. Also, any reports of his death are greatly exaggerated as he has a habit of editing his Wikipedia page with other people's obituaries.

"A comic genius covered in 25 years of stupid" - Alex Edelman