"I’m a Labour politician. I’m a social reformer, not a libertarian rightwinger. Interfering, for the common good, is what we do"

Thangam Debbonaire is the Labour MP for Bristol West and current Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, previously working as the Shadow Secretary of State for Housing. Describing herself as a "northern European socialist", Thangam supports "fettered capitalism". Before being elected in Bristol West, Thangam worked as National Research Manager for Respect, an anti-domestic violence organisation.

Thangam has co-authored two books and published numerous papers on domestic violence, and has suggested that male refugees settling in Britain should be given lessons about female equality.

Shortly after being elected in Bristol West, Thangam was diagnosed with breast cancer. This experience, along with extensive personal research into the effects of alcohol, led Thangam to speak out in favour of greater regulation of alcohol, calling for mandatory graphic warnings on alcohol drinks akin to those on cigarette packaging.

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