“We could do with spending less time charging around earning as much as we can to buy things we don’t really need. We would do well to become better at enjoying what we’ve got – and to disentangle our self-esteems from our pay packets.”

Mike Berners-Lee is an English researcher and writer on carbon footprinting. He is a professor and fellow of the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University and director and principal consultant of Small World Consulting, where he advises organisations on how best to respond to the current climate and ecological issues.

Mike is also the author of numerous popular books, including How Bad Are Bananas?, There Is No Planet B, and most recently, The Carbon Footprint of Everything, which will be published in April.

“Mike Berners-Lee knows more about carbon footprints than anyone else in the UK. Enjoyable, fun to read and scientifically robust. A triumph of popular science writing" -- Chris Goodall.”


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