“Having erotic capital isn’t something you sort of turn on and turn off like turning on a tap or faucet, in the same way that intelligence isn’t something you either switch on or switch off. It’s there as part of the sort of person you are: in your style, in the way you talk to people”

Catherine Hakim is a pioneering British social scientist and author. She currently holds the position of Professorial Research Fellow at Civitas, the London think tank. Prior to this, she was Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, during which time she developed preference theory as well as a theory on the social and economic value of ‘Erotic Capital’, which formed the basis for her 2011 book ‘Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom’. She often contributes to TV and radio programmes, including Sky News, BBC Daily Politics and Woman’s Hour.

“Hakim's concept of erotic capital...offers insight into an age that has, as Philip Larkin once put it, 'burst into fulfillment's desolate attic.” - The Observer


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