This year we welcome our most exciting headliners yet, hosting interactive talks and workshops just for 16-18 year olds.


Friday 3rd June 2022


Anders Sandberg

Anders Sandberg is a Swedish researcher, science debater, futurist, transhumanist and author. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from Stockholm University, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford.


Barry C. Smith ‘Philosophy and the Senses’

Barry C. Smith is an English philosopher and Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study at the University of London. For much of his career, he has been fascinated by the supposed ‘mass-delusion’ that we only have five senses. Gathering together insights from neuroscience and philosophy, Smith will take you on an immersive tour through the other senses that you did not know you had. 


Richard Dawkins ‘in Conversation with’

Legendary public intellectual, best-selling author and ground-breaking biologist Richard Dawkins sits down with Rufus Duits to take your questions.


Saturday 4th June 2022


Catherine Heymans ‘Bing Bang Cosmology’

Catherine Heymans is the Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the German Centre for Cosomological Lensing at the Ruhr-University. She has spent an illustrious career gazing into the night sky attempting to uncover the greatest mysteries of the universe. In this talk, she sheds light on a perennial question that’s been asked since the dawn of humanity: why are we here?


Cindy Yu

Cindy Yu is a China reporter, broadcast editor, podcast host and rising star in the field of political commentary. She runs an extremely successful fortnightly podcast ‘Chinese Whispers’ which covers Chinese politics, society, foreign policy, culture and more. In this workshop, she will explain how to set up a successful podcast and make it in the world of politics and broadcasting.


University Admissions Q&A

We invite an admissions tutor from one of the UK’s most prestigious universities to host an open question and answer session to tackle your biggest questions concerning higher education. This includes admissions, entrance examinations and interviews, what to prepare for and what to expect when you get to university.